The purpose of this article is to examine the role of family attorneys, what types of legal activity they engage in, and what to look for when choosing the right family lawyer for you. You can also hire the best family & divorce solicitors in London through various online sources.

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Family lawyers are active in all areas of family law. In particular, cases requiring a family lawyer include:

Cohabitation- Family lawyers often handle cohabitation cases by advising their clients about their rights and choices when things don't work out.

Civil partnerships – Under the Civil Partnership Law of 2004, same-gender couples can register as civil partners. Family lawyers can advise the couple about this process, the legal consequences of it, and also if the partnership fails.

Pre-Nuptial Agreements- Pre-nuptial agreements protect the financial interest of one or both partners in the marriage contract. The family lawyer can tell you whether your marriage qualifies for the marriage agreement and whether it will go to court.

Separation and Divorce – When a marriage or partnership goes wrong, one should first consult a dedicated lawyer who can advise them on the best course of action.

What to look for in a family law attorney

Family law is mentally and emotionally one of the most demanding fields of the legal profession. 

Therefore, it is imperative that the attorney you choose has the ability to remain impartial and completely independent of your case.

Before choosing a lawyer, make sure they are fully accredited by the Legal Society and ask for examples of cases similar to yours where they have had success in the past.