I have so many problems with my back. I have seen chiropractors. I have seen orthopedic surgeons. I have tried physical therapy and I have tried workout programs.

I have always heard that strengthening your core abdominal muscles would help immensely with back problems so I kept on doing those crunches, but I still did not feel like my abs were as strong as they could be to give me maximum spinal support.

While talking with some friends one of them mentioned that he had recently read some toning belt reviews and he wondered if perhaps this solution could work for me. I too took to the internet to read up and after reading several ab belt reviews, I decided to try it out for myself.

The articles I read talked about how the device provides electrical muscle stimulation that creates stronger and more toned abdominal muscles. That sounded like something that may help with my constant back pain as well as help me to look more attractive overall!

After receiving it and wearing it for a few weeks, I started to notice a difference in my stomach, and also on the pressure on my spinal cord. My back is feeling much better now and my abs look great to boot! What an easy solution!