Recruitment agencies and staffing agencies exist to locate people looking for positions, not for people. When you can find the best staffing company to partner with, you need to appeal to them as a potential candidate. 

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Why You Should be Using a Staffing Firm in a Tight Job Market - Chief of Staff

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Things you can accomplish to impress the ideal agency for placement.

1. Know What You Have in Mind:

If an interviewer asks you what type of work you're searching for, don't answer by asking "What jobs do you have available?" This implies a lack of attention at best and despair at the worst. Focus on the kind of job you're looking for and be prepared to talk about the job. 

2. Achieve a Great Resume:

A strong resume is essential to get the attention of the ideal recruiter because you must have one to entice your hiring supervisor. Include your accomplishments and responsibilities in a format that features/benefits. Let your resume screening tool understand how your experience and the things you've done match up to an opening.

3. Respond to Specific Job ad postings from the Agency:

Employment agencies advertise open positions on job boards frequently. They also make use of classified advertisements. After you've found an agency that you're looking to work with, look for opportunities advertised by that company.

4. Call and request to speak to a Person who can Place you

Each firm's staffing company has its method of working. They may call the placement personnel recruiters. Others might call them agents or account managers. If you ask for the contact person for placement, you will be able to contact the person who can match people to available positions. 

5. Send Your Resume even If there isn't any current job opening.