A swimming pool accessory that is very often overlooked is the pool cover. We say abandoned because not many people pay attention to it. It's a shame because this cover can serve two very important functions. These two features keep your water clean and safe. This article discusses these two aspects in detail.

First, pool covers are designed to reduce the time you spend cleaning the pool. Simply put, if the pool has a coating then dirt cannot enter the pool. This is very important because most people would rather enjoy their pool than have to clean it.

If you have swimming pool enclosures, you'll quickly realize how much easier it is to live with one. Because leaves and insects get into your pond. Once this happens, your only option is to use a manual or automatic pool cleaner to remove dirt from the pool floor.

Apart from cleaning, the case is also a protective device. Depending on the type of lining, it can withstand the weight of the person sitting on it. Unfortunately, many small children drown in swimming pools unsupervised.

While you might think that you wouldn't let your kids go into the water in your absence, the sad fact is that young children often leave the house while their parents are distracted. 

By using automatic covers when the pool is not in use, you can drastically reduce the chances of your child getting into the pool unsupervised. Therefore, please pay close attention to your children around the swimming pool.