Expanded polystyrene (EPS) is often used for insulation and lightweight protective packaging. It is very effective in preventing fragile products such as household appliances from being damaged in transit.

Due to its light weight and low density, EPS can be very difficult to send for recycling and can therefore be a problem that can be disposed of carefully and efficiently. However, there are solutions that can really add to your income.

When it comes to recycling waste foam like EPS, Nicsons Building Products is the specialist. Committed to providing complete EPS recycling solutions by eps recycling device, their polystyrene sealants are sold in more than 70 countries worldwide.

Compressed polystyrene in the form of briquettes makes it more attractive to the construction industry, which can take advantage of the impressive insulating properties of recycled polystyrene at home. Recycled polystyrene is ideal for smoothing purposes such as life jackets and small rafts.

For the logistics industry, recycled polystyrene, both in bulk, can benefit shipping; When shaped it can protect sensitive objects up close, but when loosened it can be used to fill air pockets that can cause objects to move. 

Recycling polystyrene allows the industry to reuse the material after its first life, making it useful and reducing the need for raw plastic. The successful business uses the polyurethane gasket press machine and polystyrene collection service.