Your brand is your identity. Marketing is the way you promote it. Marketing is what you do. Branding is how you plan. You need to ask several questions to discover who your brand is. You need to ask questions that go beyond the industry, products, and services offered, as well as questions to establish who you are as a company and, more importantly, who your brand is. If you are looking for getting answers to these questions online then visit

                                               Marketing vs. branding: what's the difference? - 99designs

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  • What are your core values and principles?

  • What is your mission statement?

  • What motivated you to start your own business?

  • Why should you offer your products and services to your target market?

  • What makes you different?

Spend your time providing detailed answers and then bounce them off of your colleagues and mentors. You will see that the majority of these questions relate to your internal operations and your internal culture. What you do internally will reflect on the outside. 

Marketing refers to the tools that you use to communicate the brand's message. Marketing is constantly changing and evolving, as are the products and services that you offer. Your marketing will target specific segments of your target audience and support your core values.

Marketing can be broad and varied. Marketing can be funny, heartfelt, or serious. You can use any combination of text, keywords, and photos. Charts, graphs, and videos can also be used. There are many online and offline options.

  • SEO
  • Content Marketing

  • Social Media Marketing

  • Mobile Marketing

  • Television