Flavored coffee has been around since people started growing and brewing coffee. Arabs, for example, flavor their coffee with cinnamon, spices, and alcoholic beverages. 

Many people have stopped adding flavor to their coffee and prefer a cup of pure black caffeine. But the renaissance of flavored coffee began in America in the 1970s.

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Coffee consumers around the world today demand more flavor than their black brew. And the coffee beans are flavored with just about any flavor imaginable. A quick search on the internet reveals hundreds of flavored coffee beans for sale, flavors that range from buttery shortbread to gingerbread to chocolate cream and even baklava. 

Here are things you need to know about flavored coffee beans:-

Coffee beans, roasted and flavored:- Flavor is added to the coffee beans after they are freshly roasted. This is a relatively easy process, aided by modern technology, although flavors that mimic the original taste are often chemically reproduced. There are organic alternatives to coffee flavoring and they can easily be found at your local coffee dealer or online.

How are flavors added?

The process of flavoring coffee beans begins with freshly harvested and roasted coffee beans coated with an aromatic compound. These aromatic compounds complement the original taste of coffee.

The advantages of flavored coffee:- In addition to flavored coffee, flavored coffee has a longer shelf life than regular flavored coffee. This is because, like everything else, coffee beans undergo a natural aging process that causes a loss of flavor. It then aromatizes the beans and combats this effect after the coffee packet is opened.