A tuning can turn your reliable yet powerful car into something much more exciting and fun. The easiest way to adapt a modern diesel vehicle to fuel injection is by changing the software in the engine control unit.

The ECU monitors every aspect of engine operation, processes signals from various sensors, and tells the fuel injection system what to do. Tuning shows better results on 4WD & other vehicles if done efficiently by professionals. 

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Software programs or the ECU card controls fuel delivery and timing so that the engine runs efficiently at all speeds and emissions remain within acceptable levels.

During the diesel tuning, the ECU card is rewritten to reveal the true potential of the diesel engine. Dozens of settings that affect the performance of your car change during the tuning process.

The goal of ECU alignment is to achieve an optimal performance curve for vehicle performance and fuel consumption. At the same time, the safety parameters that are initially programmed in the ECU must be observed in order to avoid damage to the motor or drive mechanism.

After setting up your diesel car, you will enjoy a smoother ride with a faster throttle response and higher acceleration. The engine provides a more consistent performance with fewer shifts and lowers fuel consumption for all types of propulsion.