Among the more valuable tools available to webmasters now is Google Webmaster Tools. This free collection of resources provided by Google provides webmasters using the resources that they need to maximize their site to search engines, report errors encountered on your website, and aid in marketing their site. You can check the best and affordable web hosting in Hawaii at for your website.

Ways to Begin

The very first step you'll have to get started is an account with Google. In case you've got a Gmail account then you already have an account. Otherwise, you can simply register for a Google Account on their site. Together with your new account set up, it is possible to log into the Webmaster Tools website and begin to configure a site to monitor.

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Before Google can show you monitoring information, you have to confirm ownership of the website. There's a magician on the Webmaster Tools website that walks you through the procedure for verifying ownership. 

Search Queries

This webpage includes a list of real search queries operate on the Google search engine where your website appeared at the outcomes. This significant report will explain to you the number of times your outcome was exhibited to your question (impressions) and just how many times users clicked your outcome (click-throughs).

Links For Your Website Page

This report shows you all the traffic to your site. These are the traffic to your website based on Google. Each search engine uses a different algorithm to ascertain just how much traffic to your website exists. Google is famed for rejecting a lot of backlinks should they believe that the links have been paid traded or for solely with the goal of improving page ranking.