White tea may be a sort of tea, from the tea plant, that's less processed than tea . Like all teas, white tea is widely variable both in price and quality, and it's thus important to understand some basic background information in order that you'll locate the simplest product at the simplest price.

Only buy loose white tea: White dip tea offers both superior quality and price. Once you buy tea bags, you're paying primarily for packaging. Not only is loose tea a more sustainable option, but it offers the simplest tasting option, richest in aroma and flavor. If you've not yet become familiar with loose tea, purchase a tea infuser.

white tea

Avoid white tea marketed as a health product or supplement:

White tea, like most tea, is sort of healthy. However, you are not going to buy tea marketed as a health or medicinal product so as to enjoy the health benefits of tea. Companies pushing tea for health and medicinal purposes often make exaggerated claims about the advantages of using their product, and maybe more importantly.

These companies tend to sell inferior tea at inflated prices. you're best off buying from a reputable tea company, one that focuses on tea as a beverage and is committed to delivering the freshest, highest-quality product at an inexpensive price.