These days, the search for an appropriate babysitter for your children is easier because of the numerous venues where you can look for candidates. If you're new to the neighborhood or if you simply don't have a lot of time to spare browsing through your local community bulletin boards or making phone calls to local colleges to find worthy potentials, the Internet can help you out with your search.

There are various websites and babysitting apps such as that help parents to connect with their local babysitters The good thing about taking your search online is it's so convenient. You're probably already working in front of the computer most of your time anyway so it wouldn't hurt to squeeze in a few minutes of your time to search for potential babysitters online.

The Internet offers numerous resources to help you look for a caregiver in your area. There are a lot of websites that are dedicated to babysitter and nanny searches. These sites are divided into free services and those that charge a fee.

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Online classified ad listings

You can start your search for babysitters on the Internet through the online classified ad websites. These sites have childcare categories in their localized sections to help you streamline your options to those that are located within your city. You can either post a job listing on the site or go over the service offerings on the site. Because listings follow free formats, most of the entries offer varying levels of detail.

Free caregiver search

There are also websites that are designed for caregiver searches. This website currently serves the United States, Australia, Canada, and United Kingdom. You can streamline your search for candidates located in your area by indicating the city and state where you are based.

Subscription-based babysitter sites

Then there are the sites that charge fees in exchange for access to their database. The fee usually covers a monthly subscription and can set you back by at least $5 to $10 every month should you sign up. The good thing about these websites is that their databases are larger so they can provide you with more choices regardless of which city in the US you happen to be located.