If you’re only planning on exhibiting at local conventions, renting a small booth might be your best option. These booths are typically around 12 feet by 12 feet and cost around $75 per day. If you’d like to exhibit at larger conventions, or if you have more items to show off, renting a larger booth is a better choice. If you're still unsure about which convention is best for you, you can  click for more info on choosing the right convention for your business.


convention booth rentals


When choosing a convention to host your booth, there are a few things to keep in mind. First, consider the size of the convention. Some conventions have smaller halls that might not be suitable for a business with a large footprint, while other conventions have larger halls that are perfect for businesses with a limited space budget. Second, consider the type of convention. 

Some conventions focus on tech or gaming events, while others are more general interest and may be better suited for a business that sells products related to those topics. Finally, consider the location of the convention. Some conventions are held in major cities while others are held in smaller towns or rural areas. Whichever convention you choose, make sure to research what is available and find out what would be the best fit for your business.

Conventions are a great way to connect with customers and showcase your products. When choosing a convention to host your booth, make sure to consider the size of the hall, the type of convention, and the location.