Yes, we know, you've heard everything before – Jargon from a large company trying to sell expensive software to you that you are pretty sure you don't need to. And what is the intelligence business (BI)?

When a computer image in a suit goes through your mind, we want to take this opportunity to introduce yourself and give you a very fast picture of the benefits of investing in BI software or performance management companies (EPM). You can use Power BI automation documentation to make smarter decisions, identify problems and make your business profitable.

How to use Flow to automate your Power BI Reports - YouTube

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We will not enter the technical side of our software – we can save it for later when we have persuaded you about all the benefits and excellence of the business you see when you start using BI. Today, we will only take a short time to discuss the functions we think will be useful in running your company.

If this sounds familiar, you might struggle with a spreadsheet, prepared for you every month by your line manager. Problems with spreadsheets appear when people add or reduce columns or rows or have different interpretations of what is happening. Often, the data is outdated at that time to you and women make the end of your month, not to mention the end of your year, nightmares.

BI solutions will collect, store and provide instant access to important mission information. It will greatly increase the speed at which you can calculate and consolidate your data, allowing you to make a comparison in seconds and make a much better business decision.