The problem with Wi-Fi routers is that they have a certain limit in terms of covering the area beyond which, they become ineffective. Back in the day, there was no solution to this, but with the advancement in technology, a solution has come to the fore in ‘Wi-Fi Range Extenders’. Now, the situation is that Wi-Fi extenders have become a common household item and everybody is using it to expand the range of internet signals on the premises. If you too are dealing with low or no internet connectivity in certain parts of your house, then you must consider getting a Wi-Fi range extender. Now, there are dozens of brands manufacturing extenders, thus making you spoilt for choices easily.

If you want to play safe, then it is better to opt for a Netgear Wi-Fi extender. The best thing about Netgear Wi-Fi extenders is their coverage area, which is wider than any other extender of any brand. If you want to know the process of Netgear WiFi extender setup, then you can get in touch with experts, as they can assist you with the same.

As far as the best extender is concerned, there are many models, which are considered best by the customers, but if you are planning to buy an extender for the first time, then I would suggest that you should go for Netgear N300 because it is easy to set up and has a wide coverage as well. Installing this extender will eradicate the internet connectivity issues that you have been experiencing until now. To know details about the Netgear WiFi Range Extender N300 setup, you can either go to the support website of the company or directly get in touch with support providers. But, make sure to set up the extender in the right way, or else you won’t be able to enjoy fast and seamless internet in the rooms where the internet used to remain absent before.