When we progress to management, we can develop skills that allow us to take roles. Through experience and training; through coaching and assistance; Through colleagues and experts, we encourage and build, we can produce skills and knowledge to do management work.

Once in the role, it is easy for others to see us as an incredible resource, which builds our own confidence in ourselves, such that we find answers to the questions that solve problem for our people. This makes us feel good! It’s natural and when we are good at it, we enjoy this part of our role, because we feel fulfilled with our abilities. This is when the best workplace collaboration take place.

When we advance, the team we lead is bigger and have a bigger job to do, so that our input can be stretched increasingly, with every promotion we take. It is easy in this growth of role to mean there are expectations of many more people to focus on us.

It’s not sustainable, because you can’t do it yourself.

When you are good with people, you grow great relationships with your employees when you progress. Your first management offers you a great opportunity to work intimately with those on your team. In such situations, you can build your abilities in communication, intuition, performance management and many more of the management skills that will be so vital for you in the years to come.

When you’re smart, you start to understand, when you are open to it, how you can leverage the interaction with others, sometimes with your team as a whole. More often, by utilizing the great relationships you have built with each individual employee, to get their input too.

Imagine a conversation when you have a tricky decision that you need to make. When you’ve invested a bit of time with your people to help them feel comfortable contributing openly when they work with you – their manager – the richness of the debate will be stronger and much more valuable.